From the Maharaja’s kitchen

Anushri Birla Noida It is hard not feel like a royal as you dine with the descendants of a royal family. Butlers, the finest silverware, perfect wines and dishes prepared from secret royal recipes, it all comes together to create a magical experience. Even working in the kitchen was fun. Of course, you need to pay attention to the instructions as they serve what you cook. I would totally repeat this experience; even though my crown in visible, I could see it!

Indian cuisine is famed for its marvellous use of herbs and spices, vegetables and fruits – its beauty lies in how rich flavours are balanced perfectly with subtle ingredients. Over the centuries, the cuisine assimilated cultural and religious influences from outside –blending with regional cuisines to create foods and flavours that are now the hallmarks of India’s royal culinary heritage.

The Maharajas (kings) were proud connoisseurs of good food. The royal palaces maintained fine kitchens and employed the best cooks

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