Mumbai by Night

Navdeep Thakurdas Noida Lots of sightseeing combined with plethora of fun opportunities to galore around the miraculous dream city. The nights are lively and brighter than the days when Mumbai gets ready for the nights dance. Experiencing thrill, joy, adrenaline rush and amazing starters in a high end pub was memorable.

Having its glory in being the hub of commercial activity through the day, this charismatic Mumbai turns the heat up during the night. While you will experience people sweating during day in work places, you will for sure find them shaking a leg in the evergreen and lively places like pubs and bars. Right after having your dinner on board, you will start your trip towards the glowing monuments like Asiatic Society library. Carved in the ancient Greco roman architecture, this library comes after climbing thirty elegant looking stairs. After that,

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