Golf in the Western Ghats

Shivani Gulati Noida It was a gorgeous sight to explore, the ‘Oxford Golf Resort’ offered plenty of challenging shots around the tees. Architectural beauty of shivaji’s ruined palace opens windows from the past to peep in. The abundance of treks makes the tour very rejoicing and unforgettable.

Blessed with an almost perfect climate, Lonavala is a unique location. The pristine Sahyadri hills are ideal for leisurely treks and for the more adventurous trails that definitely challenge you. As you walk through the emerald green foilage of the Western Ghats with a gentle breeze to please you, it is a world far removed from the cosmopolitan hub-bub of Lonavla. Two hours away for die-hard golf fans is a 18 hole golf course of ‘Oxford Golf Resort’. 

Start your day with a early morning trek through the mist

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