Breakfast with Peacocks

Amit Aggarwal Noida The memory of tucking into a champagne breakfast at Jaisalmer’s mysterious Khaba Fort at dawn now seems like a pleasant dream. As the sun rose, hundreds of peacocks arrived, striking a stunning contrast against the backdrop of sand dunes gleaming like gold in the soft early-morning rays. This surreal sight will remain deeply entrenched in my memories.

Drive with us deep into the desert in the dark twinkling predawn to Khaba Fort. Here, on the old ruins of the fort’s ramparts a champagne breakfast is laid out for you with a delicious assortment of pastries and  traditional Indian delicacies of parathas (hot breads), kachoris (dumplings) and samosas and steaming hot, freshly pressed coffee. As you sit down to savor the fare, the sun slowly makes its way skyward in the horizon and the desert sands take on a soft golden glow, the sky takes on a blush and the cool breeze gently ruffles

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