Golf and Palaces

Mario Habig Noida There are numerous golf opportunities in landscapes as diverse as the Himalayas or the backwaters of Kerala that have been combined with the monuments and heritage of age old dynasties and the vibrancies of cosmopolitan cities, but a round of golf like the Royals did remains my favourite.

Enjoy golfing where the Royals did. The Rambagh Golf Club, Jaipur, has been in the palace grounds of the Royal Family of Jaipur since the beginning of the 20th century. The Royal Polo grounds are adjacent to the Golf Club house. The Royal Springs Golf Club, Srinagar, is situated on the palace grounds of the erstwhile Maharaja of Jammu and Kashmir; the famous Royal Springs or Chashme Shahi still function as a natural Water spring. 

The Tollygunge Golf Club House was the original indigo plantation

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