Jhalana Forest, Jaipur

Anurag Kapoor Noida My love for the jungles reached new heights in Jhalana. Even spotted a leopard. It did not even look at us! And while those few minutes passed in a blur, it was an experience of a lifetime."

Home to beautiful palaces, majestic forts, rolling hills and great shopping areas, the Pink City of Jaipur is the gateway city to the fabled state of Rajasthan. Now, to its long list of attractions, Jaipur adds a Forest Park that has an impressive count of resident mammals, including the elegant and beautiful leopard to lure you.

Jhalana Forest has an area of just around 24 square kilometres and though small, it has a diverse topography, with the rocky Aravalli on one side and a forest of evergreen and deciduous trees stretching out

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