Holi in Jaipur

Ganesh Prasad Noida “I have been lucky enough to experience the countless shades of the colourful festival of ‘Holi’ in different parts of India. Perhaps, it’s a blessing that most Indian folks, particularly from the cities of Udaipur, Vrindavan, Mathura and Jaipur are lost in the passion of the festival without being burdened by the overbearingly sombre yet meaningful origins of its “Good over Evil” clichés.

Holi or the Festival of Colours is one of India’s most popular festivals, and celebrates the beginning of spring and the triumph of good over evil.

There are many prime places to witness huge Holi celebrations. In Udaipur, the royal family hosts an elaborate function at the City Palace, in Uttar Pradesh the towns of Vrindavan and Mathura, which are linked with the birth and childhood of the Hindu God Krishna, lend them a special significance.

At the small and resplendent Diggi Place, Jaipur Holi is a much awaited affair.


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