Local Buzz of the Pink City

Shivani Gulati Noida I found myself in the midst of a middle aged city where people love to indulge in lively colours, like to taste the spicy samosas and mirchi vadas. The hawkers scream to sell their stuff, the shops seem more than inviting showcasing local embroidered and tie die clothing.

Although Jaipur is more famous for its mighty forts and the tales of braveries of Rajput kings. Another hidden exploration that’s the prime reason for tourists to lay their feet on this pink land is – its colourful and buzzing market scene. Designed by the local architectures, this local market of pink city is a cleanly carved section of small shops that lay on both the roadsides. You would be able to find almost each and everything in these small shops. You will be excited to know the fact that some shops are being operated by the

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