Street food of Mumbai

Ruchi Singh Noida A delectable experience for anyone who wants to indulge in this mouth-watering journey of Mumbai’s street food. Whether its softness of the tikki or the crunch of the sev puri, you will definitely love it. Golf added the excitement in this fantastic vacation.

Mumbai is famous for its beaches, its weather and its lovely film industry. Another aspect that makes this place sound more than pleasing for foodies is the taste of its street side delicacies. Thriving food stalls by the beachside and along the popular spots seem inviting you with their affordable and tangy street cuisine. Mumbai is best known for street foods like vada pav, Bhel Puri, petis and masala chai.

You will find the taste of this masala chai very energizing as it’s prepared by boiling selected masalas or spices on a

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