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Ruchi Singh Noida "This tour is fascinating because behind the expensive couture clothes lie the talents of artists, some of whom we meet as part of this experience. Seeing them take different fabrics and designs and beautifully merge them into a stunning outfit was my favorite part. Dressing up to attend an exclusive cocktail at a Contemporary Art Gallery where the curator was on hand to explain the art on display was a perfect ending to a great day".

If Art and Culture are your passion, enjoy a private visit to a famous Indian haute couture designer’s studio who works with weavers, printers and craftspeople teaching them to combine traditional methods and designs with modern technology and trends.  The visit will be your introduction to the growing world of fashion in India, which until a few years ago was considered a marginal industry.  Today, the industry plays an important role in preserving and perpetuating Indian textile weaving and embroidery traditions by working closely

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