Relish the Kerala Sadhya

Binu Krishnan Thiruvanthampuram The sadhya of Kerala is a traditional vegetarian feast served on plantain leaves during weddings, festivals such as Onam, and other special occasions. Although a normal sadhya usually comprises up to 25 dishes served as a single course, an elaborate feast may have as many as 60 items. Highly recommended!

Traditionally served for lunch on a banana leaf, the sadhya (banquet/feast) is an elaborate preparation and makes for a wonderful sight – bursting with freshness of colour and rich, earthy flavours.

The sadhya’s main component is kutthari, the semi-polished brown rice of Kerala. Olan is a preparation of white gourd and coconut milk, seasoned with ginger and coconut oil. Rasam, much like a soup, is made primarily of tamarind, tomatoes, and hot spices like black pepper and chili pepper, asafoetida, coriander etc. Puli inji

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