Experience Village Life at Kumarakom

Binu Krishnan Kochi “…the future of India lies in its villages”, observed Mahatma Gandhi. Decades later, his comment still resonates. Utilising locally available resources and upholding the spirit of co-existence, Kerala’s villages are truly unique. The state government aided Responsible Tourism (RT) Initiatives help improve the quality of life of the locals and also deliver unforgettable experiences to visiting tourists."

Commence your journey from Kavanatinkara Jetty at Kumarakom soon after the local guide briefs you to help familiarise you with Kumarakom.

A country canoe takes you through the narrow network of interconnected canals which run through the interiors of Kumarakom. The guided boat tour makes regular stops at local homes along the waters, introducing you to the simple pleasures of life in a village, and rewarding you with a wholesome and most captivating experience. Glide past farmers at work in lush paddy fields, banks studded with coconut

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