The Bamboo Express @ Wayanad

Sibin Ravindran Kochi "A winding road through the Thamarassery Mountain Pass or Thamarassery Churam (ghat pass) leads you to the mist-clad mountains of Wayanad, a panoramic hill station in Kerala. Gentle trails through the forested area elevate you to breathtaking altitudes that reward you with spectacular views. Tea, coffee, rubber, and spice plantations; tranquil sub-tropical forests; glorious wildlife sanctuaries; and richly engraved Neolithic caves – all at home in Wayanad. "

It was just after the monsoon in Kerala; the air so fresh, and fragrant from the verdant spice plantations, that we never felt the exhaustion of the long drive from the midlands to the mountains.

Next morning we decided to experience an adventurous ride at the River Vythiri (or Anoth), just 5 km from our resort. First, we drove to the enchanting tea gardens of Pozhuthana, some of which are the oldest plantations in Wayanad, situated at the foot of mist-clad mountains. We then walked over a grassy meadow to a mud trail leading to the

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