Kathakali – the glorious art form

Ignacio Blazquez Noida I had the opportunity to see Kathakali on my trip to Kochi. A peculiar show, sometimes difficult to understand it, where the artists create a magical atmosphere around the stage, it is absolutely different from anything else I had seen before. Definitely, if you go to Kerala you cannot miss the Kathakali.

Kathakali is an ancient form of dance-drama in India that expresses emotions in ways that words fail to define. Having its roots in the southern state of India, Kerala, this beautiful art of storytelling embraces the essence of humanity better than any other theatre production does.

Kathakali is poetry in motion and represents the age-old traditions and cultures of the state. With strong facial expressions and elegant hand gestures, the artists work their feet to the tunes of classical Carnatic music to enact for you tales from ancient

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