Many Moods of the Monsoon

Hari KC Kochi "Infusing Kerala, its first port of call, with life and romance, the monsoon creates nothing but sheer magic. The monsoon, an enthralling phenomenon, arrives in the company of dark clouds and cool winds. With the first drop of rain, the land opens up to breathe…and the first fragrance of rain-soaked earth is like no other. "

Kerala is, unarguably, the home of the monsoon – twice a year, on their way inland and on their farewell lap out of India, the rains drench this gorgeous southern state. The waterways ride high, a green flush rejuvenates the land, the very air throbs with thunder, and the aroma of moist earth fills the senses.

As the southwest monsoon arrives, prayers are invoked to welcome the goodness of the rains and the gifts they bear. Trees swaying in the breeze, children under multi-coloured umbrellas on their way to school, frogs croaking

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