Know the Indian Father of Nation Mahatma Gandhi

Kanika Segan Noida It was inspiring to observe the significant facts and facets from the brief lifetime period spent by Mahatma Gandhi in the building that was once owned by Birlas. Significant milestones of his life lie here in the form of wall paintings and articles related to his life are on exhibit for visitors.

Every Indian is proud to have known and blessed with the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi. Being a landmark personality in the India’s struggle for freedom, his benevolence and right philosophy of ‘non- violence’ created magical changes into then ruling British people. An exclusive tour into the museum and galleries of Gandhi Smriti Bhavan could prove to be an inspiration. Located on the Tees January road in New Delhi, India, it is a memorabilia dedicated to the prominent personality of Indian freedom struggle. It is said that Mahatma

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