The Journey of Silk Through Mysuru

Rohit Prabhu Bengaluru It was a fantastic experience knowing the making of traditional six feet silk saree that makes way into lots of Mysuru homes. It is great observing the local talent create marvellous pieces that travel from local market into the bigger metro city showrooms.

You might have seen or heard Mysuru’s heritage and its cultural richness, but an amazing and often untouched aspect of this city is – its thriving silk market. Since time unknown Mysuru has been famous for its hand woven silk textiles and experiments done with hand embroidery on the silk sarees remain a trademark of this magnificent city. Ask a woman who loves silk, and she will for sure express her delight to bargain for a delicate silk Saree made in Mysuru. Enriched with the cultural richness and stories made from folklores, these

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