A tea experience in Darjeeling and Assam

Kanika Segan Noida “I love my teas and India has so many varieties that it is a special journey to visit different regions and see the difference. I have been to tea estates in Darjeeling and Assam and I came back with a wealth of information about what makes a cup so irresistible.”

Imagine this: You are staying in a colonial-style bungalow with the sweet aroma of tea all around you. The sprawling tea gardens on slant slopes are the focus of your holiday – you pick tea leaves, witness the rolling, drying, and packaging of tea, and sample different varieties. Walking under the sun following nature trails, meeting farmers and locals engaged in the business, enjoying cultural performances in the evenings, and sipping hot brews all day: doesn’t this sound like a vacation of your dreams? It can come true in Darjeeling

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Experiences in North East India


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