Reward your Taste Buds in Kochi

Suraj R. Kochi The spicy and sour taste of the local cuisine in Kochi remains on your taste buds to linger for long. The aromatic spices, fresh herbs and the milky softness of coconut provides the much needed character to the local delicacies.

Kochi has been famous for its tangy and spicy cuisine since ages. Influencing the ways and the ingredients of cuisines in this coastal region, several cultures have together made the culinary history of this place blossom. You will notice that a typical Kochi cuisine will have comprehensive use of coconut, local spices and marine fish produce. Being a coastal belt, this place has beautifully taken the seafood as an integral part of its cuisines. The thriving fish trade and an abundance of sea coasts blesses this place with a variety of seafood

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