The mansions and flavours of Chettinadu

U V Radhakrishna Chennai "Amidst the magnificence of the mansions that decorate the little town, what is humbling is the simplicity of the native people. And the local cuisine with its variety of flavours, is simply delicious. From the mutton curry to the Paniyarams, each dish is an experience of its own."

If you want to explore the rich art and culture of the state of Tamil Nadu, a visit to Chettinadu will prove to be an extremely enriching experience. It is a small wonderful town located in the Sivaganga district, which is a perfect embodiment of Tamil Nadu’s glorious past.

The magnificent mansions that boast of architectural brilliance are Chettinadu’s pride. The beautiful embellishments and colourful decorations that illuminate these mansions are fascinating. Step into one of these structures and you’ll be mesmerized

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