Upper Mustang

Amit Aggarwal Noida “Upper Mustang was a revelation – it was part of Tibet long ago and still lies in a time warp. We did a trekking in the beginning and continued our journey by jeep. The journey took us along giant mountains and river passes, mud cliffs, cold deserts, ridges, and so we had an adventurous time”.

Also called the Forbidden Kingdom, Upper Mustang only opened to tourists in 1992. Time stands still in Upper Mustang. Once part of greater Tibet, Mustang remains suffused with Tibetan culture and religion – it is perhaps the last living museum of Tibetan history. The region’s extraordinary heritage can be seen today in its monasteries, palaces, ruins of massive fortresses, cave, villages, and festivals.

If you are dying to visit Upper Mustang but are restricted by time or prefer a more comfortable travel alternative that

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