Interact with locals in Nagaland

Saurabh Sharma Noida “In 2014, I attended the Hornbill Festival that’s held in Kohima in December every year. I saw live tribal dance performances, sampled local food, and shopped at the stalls. All 16 tribes of Nagaland come to showcase their culture and it’s a wonderful time to be in the city.”

Far from the bustling cities, the state of Nagaland in the northeast corner of India presents an array of colours – its people, their traditions, and their otherworldly ways are unlike anything you will ever witness. The fierce warrior clans of Nagaland are warm and welcoming, and very curious about their guests since the state opened itself to tourists.

In Nagaland’s small villages, you will meet tribes with tattoos on their bodies, donning traditional clothes and headgears adorned with feathers, tusks, and wood. It is

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