Nature treks in Himachal

Kailash Bisht Noida “I am a nature lover and Himachal Pradesh is one of my favourite trekking destinations. Himachal Pradesh trekking season is between the months of June and October when the snow has melted and the weather is just beautiful to discover off-the-beaten paths.”

The glorious Himalayan peaks and beautiful valleys of Himachal Pradesh call out to trekking enthusiasts of every level. There are over 200 trails in the state, running from Shimla and Kullu to Kinnaur and Spiti, offering a variety of landscapes and terrains that can delight, surprise, and awe you. Choose a four-day trek or go on a longer hike that takes weeks – all you need are a comfortable pair of shoes and strong will to take on the challenge. 

Himachal Pradesh trekking tours can help you discover the quiet, scenic beauty

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Experiences in Himachal Pradesh


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