Kayaking And Rafting

Meeta Kalra Noida "My friends and I had one of our most memorable outings river rafting the Mother River (Mochu) in Punakha. The rafts provided were in excellent condition, the guides were great and the scenery impressive. My friends were new to this experience so we opted for small rapids, but enough to get the adrenalin flowing and make for a memorable time. Highly recommended!".

The crystal clear rivers of Bhutan are slices of paradise and among the best-kept open secrets of the country. Fed by the glaciers of the Eastern Himalayas, the six major rivers of the kingdom are just ideal for kayaking and rafting. These are Wang Chhu, Sunkosh, Puna Tsang Chhu, Mangde Chhu, Kuri Chhu and Dangme Chhu and their tributaries). The months of March, April, November and December are best for kayaking and rafting.


The natural settings and the changing shades of exhilarating landscapes along the river’s...

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