The sumptuous Goan cuisine

Karen Monteiro Goa "Every restaurant I have been to in Goa, served authentic Goan food along with other popular cuisines, which I could tell was made with absolutely fresh ingredients and a lot of love. I especially loved the prawn balchao, which is delicious."

For a state that enjoys a tropical climate, the local cuisine has to be aromatic and bursting with flavours of the exotic spices that are indigenously produced. And Goan food, which has a rich influence of the Konkan, Portuguese and Hippy palates, lives up to that expectation and much more with ease.

Sitting in one of the restaurants across the glorious coast of the Arabian Sea and not ordering sea-food from the extensive menu would mean missing out on a lot, unless you are vegan or vegetarian, as it is the staple food of the Goans....

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