Cycling in Bhutan

Arvind Bhatia Noida "My motto for any adventure is “Be safe and have fun!” A biking trip through Bhutan will include a healthy mix of a little hardship and a bit of luxury. Whether you spend a day or more bicycling the experience will surely offer you many opportunities for making new friends, discovering great countryside and lots and lots of fun. I hope you’ll come along for the ride!".

Bhutan’s rugged, hilly terrain is perfect for on-road as well as off-road mountain biking and has found many keen enthusiasts amongst locals and visitors alike. There is a huge choice of trails to take your pick from. Some of routes are challenging off-road dirt trails, while some are smooth paved roads. Besides being a terrific physical exercise, cycling allows you to experience nature more deeply and make friends with the local folks along the way.

As you go pedaling, be prepared to greet children lining up to give you high-fives.

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Experiences in Western Bhutan


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