Living Happiness

Yamini Sharma

The day was sunny & bright on 13th of January. 

I went to book fair at Pragati Madan to accompany kids for the annual outing for Project Arman. The day was slow & smooth but suddenly I saw a kid wanting to buy so many books without releasing that he has a limited budget. I told him that I can guide him to select best book for him but he wanted to explore everything alone… than moved to Indraprastha Park where they were playing, eating, fighting for one more Chota Bheem Card although they already have 8-9 cards with them but just to get another card will make them the king of the Arman group because than they will have maximum number of cards with them. Tinny things can make us so much happy and cheerful but we wait for somewhat immense happens in life which can make us laugh.

It was so beautiful to see kids that they live every moment of life. Life is so much challenging but kids make us realize...

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