Priyanka Bhatia

On a normal work day, prolonged work on the computer strains the neck, shoulder and back muscles, which leads to stiffness in our body. The hunch in shoulders and the knots in the neck aren’t just uncomfortable, they carry an orthopedic risk as well. To keep my body soft and happy throughout a work day, I prefer to make sometime for the yoga session at 4pm every day.

The practice helps me get a mental breather and make sure my neck, back, arms etc. remain in good working order. Making it a part of my daily routine has done wonders as it has wiped away body pain, fatigue and tension and has increased overall muscle strength and flexibility, keeping me fresh and revitalized through the day. Also, it is super fun, I have interacted with new people from new teams- across both the floors of the office while earlier, I used to communicate...

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