Dense jungles of Satpura

Vibhav Srivastava

The dense jungles of Satpura seem to lie in a deep slumber, blissfully unaware of their own charm – a rough English translation of a Hindi poem, which tries to describe the character of these forests. Today, Satpura is emerging as one of the popular travel destinations in India, but had remained a mysterious and largely unexplored place for a long while.

The Satpura Hills and the Vindhyan Hills stretch out across Central India and slowly started catching the fancy of nature enthusiasts, only after Captain James Forsyth explored the area and wrote a book called ‘Highlands of Central India’. This region may be called one of the best places for wildlife tours in India as these hill ranges are home to a thriving population of tigers – the figure is estimated to be over 400.

In fact, there are six tiger reserves in the hills here, with Satpura Tiger Reserve (STR) being one of these. Quite rightly, Satpura is said to be one of the best habitats for tigers...

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