• Chaturbhuj Temple in Orchha, Madhya Pradesh
Chaturbhuj Temple in Orchha, Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh Ranks 3rd in Lonely Planet's 'Best Value Destinations 2020' Madhya Pradesh has enjoyed the tag of one of India's most popular tourist destinations since long. It has recently been ranked third in the world under the 'Best Value Destination 2020' category by Lonely Planet. The state is treasure trove of India’s ancient cultural heritage, with prehistoric sites, spiritual destinations, stunning architectural marvels, thrilling wildlife experiences, and an extensive array of cuisines. Wildlife safaris in Madhya Pradesh are at a reasonable price and the celebrated sights of Khajuraho, Orchha and Mandu offer real value for money, considering their historic, heritage and exquisite beauty. Taj Mahal’s vantage point increases ticket price for visitors A vantage viewpoint to see the Taj Mahal has been developed by the Agra Development Authority and opened to the public since November 2019 at Mehtab Bagh across the Yamuna River, specifically for those who want the best views of the magnificent monument. There has been a tenfold increase in the ticket price for the vantage point for both Indian and foreign tourists, especially on full moon nights, although the entry fee to the Taj remains the same as before. Timings: 12 noon-7 pm; 12 noon-12 midnight (on full moon nights). Free entry for children below 12 yrs. Fridays closed. Etawah lion safari opened for public Etawah Lion Safari Park was opened for public on November 24, 2019. Spread over 800 acres, it is one of the biggest safari parks in the world, which also houses the Asiatic Lion Breeding Centre, which currently holds 6 lion cubs. Merely 120 km from Agra via Lucknow Expressway, and approximately a 5-hour drive from Delhi, the safari park is home to a variety of other wildlife species besides lions, like spotted deer, sambhar, elephants, bears and leopards among others. A 4-D theatre offers thrilling up-close-and-personal clips of all the animals.

Artist work in Agra

Meet the artisans of Agra The city of Agra is steeped in the rich cultural and artistic heritage of the Mughal era. Take an excursion tour into the small by lanes of the old city to step into the world of local master craftsmen who have carried forward the legacy of traditional Mughal arts and crafts down the ages, just as their skilled, legendary forefathers did. The experience is almost akin to falling into a time warp, as you observe them working their magical skills on the loom to create exquisitely beautiful hand-woven carpets; or make intricate patterns with golden wirework embroidery (zari); or deftly fashion marble into delightful miniature taj mahals, figurines, boxes, decoration pieces and such, intricately chiseling and inlaying the marble with colors and stones (meenakari or pietra dura inlay), or designing and producing a variety of embossed leather footwear and handbags, and so on. A large number of these craftsmen still live in the same premises from generations. The tour will also take you right into the homes of these powerhouses of talent and skill, living and working in practically the same manner down the ages. Participate in the exhilarating centuries-old tradition of kite-flying and pigeon flying from the rooftops of the old city houses. On a clear day, you can get awesome views of the magnificent Taj Mahal.

Taj Tirupati

Taj Tirupati Taj Tirupati, overlooking the Tirupati hills, is an eclectic mix of traditional Dravidian architectural elements -- gopurams (temple gateways) and Pushkarnis (water tank in temple precincts) -- and modern design, with super luxurious rooms dressed in silk wallpaper and plush carpets, exuding ultimate comfort, elegance and class. Situated close to the airport and city centre, one can sample traditional classic cuisine at the restaurant serving regional flavors, along with an all-day diner, a barbeque grill station and a well-stocked bar. Additional features include lush lawns, a rooftop pool, and ample banquet space.

World Sacred Spirit Festival

World Sacred Spirit Festival Venue: Ahhichatragarh Fort, Jodhpur, Rajasthan Date: February 13 - 16, 2020. Located between Jodhpur and Bikaner, the ancient town of Nagaur (which finds its earliest probable mention in the Mahabharata) grew into a multicultural inter-religious trading spot over the ages, soon after the advent of Islam and Sufism in India, bringing with it the simple messengers of God, or the Sufi mystics who were embodiments of the syncreticism of spiritual love and godly wisdom among common folk. The town is dotted with numerous temples and dargahs (shrine or tomb) of Sufi saints and mystics, most notably of which is the dargah of the widely revered Sufi saint Haminuddin Chishti which is about 700 years old. Coming February, the desert sands around Ahhichatragarh Fort will reverberate with the soulful sounds of masters of mesmerising Sufi music and dance from India and all over the world, blissfully humming and swaying to the rhythm of swirling dervishes (mystics) in the Sufi tradition at the World Sacred Spirit Festival. The four-day festival of music and dance will showcase celebrated voices and new talent who will perform musical renditions of the Sufi masters and transport one into a state of ethereal spiritual bliss. This is one spiritual journey one would not like to miss.

Go Air connecting Varanasi and Indore

Go Air connecting Varanasi and Indore From December 20, 2019, Go Air will be connecting 02 new destinations, namely Varanasi and Indore to its schedule, and operating 22 new flights to promote air connectivity between metros and tier II cities, thereby boosting its extensive domestic network. The new routes include Ahmedabad – Indore, Bengaluru – Kochi, Kochi – Hyderabad, Delhi – Varanasi, Delhi – Indore, and Ahmadabad – Varanasi, along with increased flight frequency in the Delhi – Goa sector. Air India increases bag allowance by 10 kg on domestic flights Air India will now be adding 10 kg more bag allowance to its previous limit of 15 kg, on all its domestic flights. This move enables domestic fliers to save up a lot of money they spend on extra baggage, bringing huge respite to them.

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