• View of Meenakshi Amman Temples in Madurai, Tamil Nadu
Revised e-visa fees for India

Revised e-visa fees for India This is in reference to the e-visa announcements announced on August 20, 2019 by the Hon'ble tourism minister, Mr. Prahlad Patel. In a great step to promote tourism, India has introduced a flexible e-tourist visa regime that offers a 30-day e-visa for a fee of $25 during the peak tourism season between July through March and during the off-season, between April through June, tourists will be able to get a 30-day e-visa for $10. Additionally, for Japan, Singapore and Sri Lanka, lean period visa fees will be $10, while that for a 30-day e-visa, 1-year and 5-year e-visa will be $25. Details about this scheme and roll-out dates are expected to follow soon. Tiger population in India reaches 2967 India has reason for great cheer as its Royal Bengal Tiger population has risen to 2967 as per the latest census conducted in 2018, which is more than double, from the first census conducted in 2006, making India its biggest and safest habitat. Madhya Pradesh, India’s Tiger Capital, figures at the top with the number of tigers at 526, followed by Karnataka at 524 and Uttarakhand at 442. More than 3, 81, 000 sq. km of forest area was surveyed. Ten Indian monuments to remain open until 9 pm Humayun’s Tomb is among 10 monuments managed by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) that will remain open until late (9 pm) in order to attract more tourists. Other monuments include Delhi’s Safdarjung’s Tomb, Bijapur’s Gol Gumbaz, Sheikh Chilli’s Tomb in Kurukshetra, Bhubaneswar’s Rajarani Temple Complex, Khajuraho’s Duladeo Temple, Varanasi’s Man Mahal, Patan’s Rani-ki-Vav stepwell, a cluster of monuments in Karnataka’s Bagalkot, a UNESCO Heritage site and a clutch of temples in Maharashtra’s Gadchiroli district make up the list.

Potter’s Trail, Madurai

Potter’s Trail, Madurai This archetypal quaint and sleepy Indian village of potters is home to clay-figure making, watch in fascination as the potters dextrously bring a piece of clay to life and transforms it into a figure. Idols of gods are the most favoured theme. Their hands nimbly fashion the figures and gently pack hundreds of dolls into an earthen oven to bake them. Observing their skill as they deftly use paint brushes to bring the baked clay figures to life, is nothing short of amazing. Join us on a visit a Potter’s village, and watch mud go from the mundane to the sublime. See how a whole village has hit pay dirt and listen to stories of creators – both mortal and immortal. We encourage you to take a go at the potter’s wheel, wield and mould the clay and watch a figure taking shape under your hands, as you get regaled with riveting tales and myths of people, priests, Gods and sundry powers that be. Why are earthen horses offered to Gods here? Do men become Gods sometimes? And do Gods act like common people on and off? Later, soak in some serenity by the village pool replete with lotuses perched delicately above the surface. Join us on a visit a Potter’s village, and watch mud go from the mundane to the sublime. See how a whole village has hit pay dirt and listen to stories of creators – both mortal and immortal.

Port Muziris: a Courtyard by Marriott and Tribute Portfolio Hotel

Port Muziris: a Courtyard by Marriott and Tribute Portfolio Hotel Port Muziris, the first Tribute Portfolio Hotel in South Asia, by Lila, the Artist, embodies the Indie spirit characteristic to all Tribute Portfolio Hotels, and is blend of arresting architecture and vibrant hues replete with noteworthy art installations. Strategically located near Kochi Airport and the CIAL Golf Course, on offer are standard and executive rooms and suites, Tuck into farm fresh local cuisine at The Kettle and sample scrumptious global cuisine at Lila’s Kitchen. Other features include a rooftop swimming pool and gym, banquet hall for meetings and weddings, free Wi-Fi and 15% discount for guests over 62 years, and an offer of free nights when guests book directly on Marriott.com.

Durga Puja

Durga Puja West Bengal, October 04 - 08, 2019 / October 22 - 26, 2020. During Durga Puja, the largest and most vibrant festival of Bengal, which embodies the celebration of the female power as the 10-armed Goddess Durga , the slayer of the evil demon Mahishasura. It is a celebration of the victory of good over evil. The city of Kolkata is bathed in religious fervor over 5 days and takes on a festive air, with echoes of ulu dhwani (a sound made by rolling the tongue) and shankh-dhwani (conch blowing) and pulsating to the beat of drums. The men are resplendent in their dhoti’s (unstitched garment for lower body) while women don distinctive white and red saris, dancing for the goddess in lavish and innovative pandals (makeshift prayer pavilions) that spring up in every street and park, each one displaying a unique interpretation of Goddess Durga. We offer you the incredible spectacle of Durga Puja: go pandal-hopping, delight in the revelry, and treat yourself to a sensory extravaganza. Take delight in the beauty of Kolkata; shop for exclusive Bengal silk and muslin, and sample an extraordinary array of local cuisine including mishti (sweetmeats) and other delights, to make it a truly unforgettable experience.

Indigo announces daily non-stop flights

Indigo announces daily non-stop flights Indigo has launched daily non-stop flights between Delhi, Jodhpur and Ahmedabad. The flights between Jodhpur-Delhi, Delhi-Jodhpur, Jodhpur-Ahmedabad, and Ahmedabad-Jodhpur will be operational with effect from September 5, 2019. The detailed schedule is available on the airlines’ website. Air India to operate Air Bus 320 in the Aurangabad-Udaipur sector From September 27, 2019 Air India will be operating Air Bus 320 thrice a week from Mumbai (on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays) at 1230 hrs, and arriving at Aurangabad at 1340 hrs, then onwards to Udaipur leaving at 1410 hrs. The return flight will arrive at Aurangabad at 1600 hrs. from Udaipur and will proceed to Mumbai at 1740 hrs. Air India flight between Jaipur – Agra – Jaipur From August 2019 onwards, Air India will fly between Jaipur – Agra – Jaipur, and flight operations will be carried out 4 days a week on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays (AI9685: Dep Jaipur 1015 am – Arr Agra 1115 am) Air Asia to fly between Delhi – Chandigarh/ New Delhi -Bengaluru Air Asia India, the budget airline, will be starting a daily direct flight on the Delhi-Chandigarh route from August 1, 2019 onwards, as part of its expansion plans, at a budgeted price of of ₹1,365 only (Dep- Delhi -10.40 am: Arr- Chandigarh -11.50 am; Dep- Chandigarh 12.50 pm: Arr- Delhi 1.55 pm). From August 5, 2019, the airline also introduced a fourth additional flight on the New Delhi-Bengaluru route.

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